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McMurdo Fastfind 220 PLB

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Fastfind will transmit a unique emergency message identifier through the Cospas/Sarsatsatellite system which can pinpoint your location anywhere on the earth’s surface. In most cases, the emergency alert is first received within as little as 5 minutes. Fastfind has a secondary ‘homing’ transmitter which allows Search and Rescue teams to direction find or ‘home in ’ on it once they arrive on scene. Fastfind has a storage life of 5 years, and once activated will continue to transmit emergency alerts for a minimum of 24 hours. Fastfind also has a unique, built-in SOS flash feature to aid in nighttime rescues.

Key Features
As small as an average mobile phone
No subscription fees required

Built-in GPS

Weighs just 5.3 oz./ 150g
Unique flashing SOS feature
Built-in operational indicator lights
Global alert to Cospas-Sarsat satellites
406MHz transmitter
Frequency: 406.037MHz
121.5MHz homing frequency
Positional accuracy to within 100 feet
24-hour transmit time
Waterproof to 32 feet/ 10m
5-year battery life
Non-hazardous shipping: air or ground
Auxillary flotation pouch available soon
(Fastfind will not float on its own)

Fastfind 210 has a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to potentially reduce the time for SAR teams to arrive on scene. If the sky view is obscured by tree canopy or a steep-sided canyon, the GPS may take longer, or possibly fail to obtain a position fix. In this case, distress alert may be transmitted without GPS location information.

U.S. users are not required to hold a radio license for a PLB. Other national administrations may require the PLB user to be licensed, for further advice check with your dealer or contact your national communications licensing authority.

The PLB’s unique identifier must be registered with the national authority indicated in the white area on the rear of the PLB. Complete the user registration form and return it to the address indicated on the form. Some countries (including USA and UK) will send the registered user a DECAL label which you are obliged to fit to the rear of the PLB as ‘proof of registration’. Please use the online link in the above right to go to for more information.

Red pull handle
Pull to expose antenna.

Only pull in an emergency
Pulling breaks the plastic anti-tamper seal that cannot be reset by the user.
White indicator light
Flashes every 3 seconds once PLB active Long flash every 50 seconds means satellite transmission. Flashes each second when GPS is searching. 3 rapid flashes means GPS location sent

Unwraps and stands vertical once cover is off.
GPS antenna zone
'Do not obstruct' needs a clear view of the sky for best operation.
ON button
Press once to activate PLB. When the PLB is on, push the ON button again to make the indicator light flash a SOS signal pattern.

TEST / OFF button
Push and hold to start the self test feature, flash of white light indicates that the self test is successful.


Fastfind 210: Category 2, will not float
Programming: Optical infra-red link
Operation: Three-stage manual operation
Temperature : Class 2, -20°C to +55°C, (-4°F to +131°F)
Battery type and life: 9V Lithium; 5 years storage, then 24 hours operating
Sealing: Temporary immersion to 10m (30 ft) for 5 mins.(IP 58, IPX7)
Weight: 150g ( 5.3 oz)
Altitude::: MIL-STD-810E (10,000 feet)
Antenna: Deployable flexible vertical blade
406MHz Transmitter  
Frequency : 406.037MHz
Output power: 5 Watts, +/- 2dB
121.5 MHz Transmitter  
Frequency : 121.5 MHz +/-3kHz
Output power: 50mW, +/- 3dB PERP

Homer sweep drection:
Applied Standards

T.001/T.007 class2
RTCM SC110 STD 11010.2
ETSI EN 302-152-1
AS/NZS 4280.2
SOS Flash Morse code SOS pattern (30 operations allowed)
Haz-Mat Non-hazardous Shipping: Air or ground







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