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**Life Rafts Ship Motor Freight Haz-Mat no matter what shipping Option you select** 

In Stock and On Sale!

Sea-Safe Offshore Life Rafts are designed and built to the same strict specifications of other certified offshore life rafts costing thousands more. They are intended for recreational or non USCG/SOLAS mandated vessels. This keeps certification costs and overhead, plus the servicing costs lower.  The savings are passed on to the customer which makes for a good value. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Sea-Safe are a lot of raft for the money!  Sea-Safe manufactures life rafts for 4 to 120 persons, providing a large commercial line. Rafts are serviceable at Sea-Safe service stations located throughout the world.  


ZCleaner™ Concentrate in a 32oz bottle.
ZCleaner™use alone is phenomenal; but when combined with the use of the ZScrubber™, it will give you unrivaled results. You just won't believe how well it cleans. Try it as a vinyl cleaner on your dirty and dull vinyl awnings, seating, patio furniture, boat decks, hulls and rubber dinghies and you will be amazed at how clean your stuff will become. ZCleaner™ also works on most everything in and around your home, office, garage and warehouse - inside and out. It can be used on floors, walls, industrial equipment and appliances. Try it for any cleaning and degreasing projects. It is also great for commercial kitchens and baths. Use it for pressure washing, parts washing, ultrasonic cleaning, barbeques, decks, patios and more. It quickly eliminates tough dirt grease and grime, removes stains on vinyl, fiberglass, canvas, awnings, black streaks and diesel exhaust. Yet it is safe on metal, fiberglass, vinyl and rubber surfaces.

Was: $13.95
Now: $11.95



The Fast Find 220 PLB is a lifesaving distress beacon with buoyancy pouch included, designed for marine enthusiasts and adventurers. It packs advanced technology into a simple, lightweight, palm sized unit.

Using the dedicated 406MHz frequency, the Fast Find 220 transmits your unique ID and precise GPS location to the global network of search and rescue satellites. Within minutes rescuers are alerted to your situation, and receive regular position updates. Finally, emergency services can home in on your beacon's 121.5MHz transmission to find you.



This Highfield Classic 260 with a Yamaha F6SMHA is an in stock special! Purchase it out the door, Texas Tax, Title, and Resgistration included for $5,105.00

Buy before August 31, 2016 and receive a Free 3 Gallon Yamaha Fuel Tank and Hose 

a $170.00 Value.

This is a Package price, boat and motor available separately, shipping is motor freight only, in store pick up preferred. Shipping not included in price. 

For more information call us. This item can't be purchased through the store, you must call. 


Introducing the world’s smallest PLB

  • 30% smaller (typ) by volume
  • Easily fits in lifejacket
  • Retractable Antenna
  • 7 Year Battery Life
  • 7 year warranty
  • High brightness strobe light >1candela
  • 66 channel GPS receiver
  • Unique mounting clip and flotation pouch

**Life Rafts Ship Motor Freight Haz-Mat no matter what shipping Option you select** 

Shipping will range from $125.00 to $225.00 on life rafts depending on the size and weight. You will be charged only the amount we are charged to ship it to you.


 Superior Liferafts for the Safety-Concious Boater on a Budget

45-COASTCO6C – Coastal Commander Container 
45-COASTCO6V – Coastal Commander Valise
45-COCOCRAD - Aluminum Cradle with White Powder Coated Finish/ Hydro Release

The Coastal Commander is Revere Survival Products’ answer to the safety conscious boater on a budget – requiring service just once every three years! Constructed with rugged oversized tubes and an automatic inflatable canopy, the Coastal Commander is fitted at each corner of the raft with lead weighted deep water ballast pockets to improve stability in rough sea conditions until search and rescue arrives.

Was: $2,095.00 - $2,235.00
Now: $1,550.00 - $1,690.00

Sometimes an approved liferaft isn’t necessary for coastal or recreational boaters based on the size and use of their boat, along with being inland

or in very close proximity to the coast. The Rescue Compact Air Survival Equipment, or Rescue C.A.S.E., is lightweight and compact for limited

storage situations on your boat and provides the ideal economical tool for helping to maximize safety for you and people on your boat.


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